Global Engineering Excellence

The PLuS Alliance will bring together the capabilities of Arizona State University, King's College London and UNSW Sydney to establish an innovative, high-quality engineering programme in London.

Summer School

A select group of students from all three founding universities are coming to London this summer to work on a range of engineering challenges in the spirit of the ambitions of the new programme. They will be developing projects around three real world challenges and opportunities – clean water, smart cities and robotics.

I am delighted to be welcoming students to our inaugural summer school to work with us in developing this fantastic new initiative for engineering education.

The UK alone is short of 20,000 skilled engineers per year and this shortage is reflected worldwide. This global programme will attract a diverse range of people, thanks to its innovative structure and approach to studying engineering. Our guests this summer will see first-hand how we plan to transform engineering education for the benefit of society.”

- Founding Dean, Professor Judy Raper