Global impact to address the world's challenges

PLuS Alliance research projects

The PLuS Alliance fosters research collaboration to address global challenges identified in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Investigation of tear metabolites as biomarkers to minimise visual impairment in corneal infection
A multi-country strategy for managing psychological distress during the COVID-19 pandemic
The effects of climate change and water related environmental degradation on mental health in First Nations people
Risk management-based framework for developing intelligent systems for natural disasters
Trilateral seed funded research
Improving psychological wellbeing for older adults during and after the Covid-19 outbreak
Trilateral COVID-19 research
Institutional responses during health crises - challenges from fake news and social media
Trilateral COVID-19 research
Enhancing psychological well-being in emergency services
Emergency services well-being
Trajectory mining using health and social care big data: informing trajectories to ‘a good death’
End of life care improvement
Scaffolds without borders: an intercontinental biomaterials design team for advancing regenerative medicine
Regenerative medicine
Enhancing global health security through avian influenza genomic models
Bird flu research
Human health implications of intentional and non-intentional nanoparticle ingestion, injection, inhalation and endogenous formation
Nanoparticle research
Development of a patient reported experience/outcome measure for hepatitis C treatment among people who inject drugs
Hepatitis C research
Arsenic in ground waters of the Mekong: morbidity, toxicity, and culturally appropriate solutions
Water pollution research