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Bachelor of International Public Health

Bachelor of International Public Health

Launch of first fully online degree for PLuS Alliance
Monday, January 01, 2018


Three of the world’s leading universities have strengthened their shared commitment to advance innovation, research and education by establishing its first fully online undergraduate degree.  

The Bachelor of International Public Health (BIPH) degree meets the growing global demand for public health workers. This innovative programme is designed to build and strengthen the international public health workforce and to address a projected 18 million healthcare worker deficit worldwide.

The 100% online coursework is designed specifically to meet student requirements in relation to critical needs areas of public health (global health policy, data and informatics, systems thinking, ethics, economics and community based care). The BIPH prepares students for new approaches to emerging global and public health issues related to communicable and non-communicable diseases, women’s and children’s health, mental illness, indigenous health and environmental health. The inherent flexibility of its structure allows students to tailor the program to their individual needs and skills requirements.

The engagement with different perspectives, teaching methodologies, cultural contexts and in-country circumstances, makes the academic experience unique, equipping BIPH graduates with highly-transferable and desirable skills.

>       Key highlights of the Bachelor of International Public Health:

>       International collaborative degree program that aligns with global health needs

>       Online and accessible, world-class academic offerings

>       Engagement with public and private partners

>       Global exchange and placement opportunities

>       Jointly developed coursework from the PLuS Alliance universities

Further information and how to enrol on the Bachelor of International Public Health.