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Dr Ang Liu

Dr Ang Liu

Engineering Summer School
Friday, June 14, 2019


Dr Ang Liu, Senior Lecturer at the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, UNSW is in London to teach at the PLuS Alliance Engineering Summer School.  Dr Liu joins the six students from UNSW, whom we welcomed to London last week. 

PLuS Alliance Communications Officer Bisi Olulode, spoke to Dr Liu to ask him about what motivated him to join the Engineering Summer school  

Dr Liu – welcome to London! What was it about the PLuS Engineering Summer school that attracted you to come to the UK this summer?  

AL: I have been engaged in the PLuS Alliance Engineering Initiative since 2016 and in that time, I have participated in several workshops where we have been developing this innovative new curriculum for engineering education. My research focuses on engineering design, design thinking and design methodology. Since design lies at the heart of the PLuS Engineering programme, it is a natural fit for my expertise. Using my design knowledge to redesign an engineering design curriculum is such an interesting project as well as learning opportunity for me.  

What do you find exciting about the PLuS Engineering project?  

AL: What excites me is that the programme is the innovative pedagogy. Project-oriented learning, a modular self-paced curriculum, and independent learning are key to this programme and that is fundamentally very different to anything else in the UK.  In addition, the curriculum will be driven by industry-supplied projects and contextualised with a variety of transdisciplinary topics that will offer a truly global and socially aware engineering education.    

What will be your role during the Summer School? 

AL: In terms of my role here in the summer, I will support the UNSW students with their individual and team projects that are intended to engage students, as “lead users”, in co-designing the curriculum. I will also be developing a collection of learning modules about the topic of “data-driven engineering design”, which will integrate existing design methodology with emerging data science. Modules like this will epitomise the PLuS Engineering programme – cutting edge thinking to support the practical learning from the projects.  

How is this opportunity different from your work at UNSW? 

AL: This unique opportunity allows me to be part of a fantastic team who is transforming engineering education and prescribing new values propositions for the profession. Every industrial revolution naturally triggers the transformation of the educational system. Against the sweeping trend of Industry 4.0, as a manufacturing engineer, I feel privileged to engage in the initiative of Education 4.0 in the great city of London, in England were the industrial revolution began.    

Also, you received some good news on your arrival in London didn’t you?  

Yes! on the first day of my arrival in London, I was informed that I had been recognised as a Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy now known as Advance HE.  This is a prestigious recognition for leadership in teaching and learning. My previous engagement in the PLuS Alliance Engineering initiative contributed important evidence that I included in my application, for which, I am most grateful  

Regular updates on the Summer School and other initiatives will be posted over the summer. For weekly updates please contact Bisi Olulode –