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Engineering Summer School at Canada Water kicks off!

Engineering Summer School at Canada Water kicks off!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


TEDI London summer school Class of 2019 is off to a great start.  Students have been busy preparing for a creative three weeks ahead. 

Day one kicked off with introductions, icebreakers and initial brainstormingStudents were briefed on their projects, and topics such as health and safety, using social media and the Canada Water area. 

Founding Dean, Professor Judy Raper said, It is great to be in Canada Water with the students. The campus is coming together nicely, the spaces are really modern, and we have new equipment and furniture arriving all the time.” 

Angela Mohajer, Kings student said, “It is exciting because we get to see the beginning of what can become much greater thing in the futureIt is interesting to see the space in its current statand the potential it holds. 

Tooba Saeed, also from King’s added“The campus is great. What I like most is it is a space we can learn together and develop new ideas I would also describe it as a forgiving space because we are able to experience trial and error without pressure. For summer school, students will be focusing on the following projects: 

  • A water purifying sculpture 

  • A citizen information hub 

  • A robotic rehabilitation assistant 

Vivianne Bakiris, UNSW student said, Day two is going really well, after day one we really understand the approach we are going to take for the projects. This is the first day we are really getting into it and working as a team in developing a solution. 

Nick Matkovic, UNSW student added The water fountain project is about creating a drinking fountain for students to use at the new TEDI-London campus. We are developing a design that is centric on the people that will use it, what the technical constraints are of the area and the water we are pumping into it.” 

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