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New round of PLuS Alliance Fellows announced

New round of PLuS Alliance Fellows announced

Wednesday, May 02, 2018


The PLuS Alliance has announced ten new Fellows across the core themes of global health, sustainability, social justice and technology & innovation.

As part of its mission to create solutions for major global challenges through collaborative, cross-border research, the PLuS Alliance awards funding to Fellows to help develop linkages and research projects across its three partner universities - Arizona State University, King’s College London, and UNSW Sydney.

The latest round of Fellows are from King’s College London and include experts in a range of research areas, including military ethics, public and mental health, migration, international development, and air pollution. New applications from researchers at Arizona State University and UNSW Sydney will open in the next academic year.

The Managing Director of the PLuS Alliance, Paul Ramadge, said that this round of applications was particularly impressive and he was excited to welcome such a strong and diverse group of researchers into the PLuS Alliance family.

“Advancing and encouraging international partnerships in research is more important today than ever before. From the environment to migration and public health, the challenges we face are becoming increasingly interconnected and global in nature. Each of these Fellows has demonstrated a commitment to tackling such challenges through cross-border collaboration, and I look forward to seeing the outcomes of the new connections that are forged across our partner universities.”

The new Fellows are:

  • Dr Andrea Ellner, Defence Studies
  • Professor Bronwyn Parry, School of Global Affairs
  • Dr David Whetham, Defence Studies
  • Dr Eka Ikpe, African Leadership Centre (ALC) & International Development
  • Professor Ivor Mason, BioSciences Education
  • Professor Judith Green, Primary Care & Public Health Sciences
  • Dr Kathleen Steinhöfel, Informatics
  • Dr Kimberley Goldsmith, Biostatistics & Health Informatics
  • Dr Leigh Aldous, Chemistry
  • Dr Sean Beevers, Analytical & Environmental Sciences

Non-Fellows are also encouraged to explore the opportunities for global collaboration with partner universities through regular workshops, symposiums, and seed-funded research projects.

To find out more, please contact:

Arizona State University

Janice Kleinwort at

King’s College London

Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey at

UNSW Sydney

Vinita Chanan at