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PLuS Alliance Symposium | Innovation & Transdisciplinarity

PLuS Alliance Symposium | Innovation & Transdisciplinarity

Phoenix | 11-14 December 2017
Wednesday, December 06, 2017


The PLuS Alliance community - including its Presidents, Advisory Board, Executive and Fellows -converge on Phoenix for four days of collaboration and innovation at Arizona State University in December.

The fourth PLuS Alliance Symposium aims to foster a culture of innovation and transdisciplinarity with a series of talks, workshops and panels, as well as a celebration of the work achieved by the PLuS Alliance since its launch in February, 2016.

Former US Senator for Arizona and PLuS Alliance Fellow Jon Kyl delivers the keynote address on the Forces of globalisation and nationalism: pathways for leading universities and international collaboration, placing the focus clearly on the objectives of the PLuS Alliance.

The PLuS Alliance Symposium Phoenix is an opportunity at what has been achieved in the two strands - Global Knowledge Network and Global Learning Network - in real terms, and to reflect on where there’s a need for streamlining and adjusting the spotlight.

The PLuS Alliance Symposium Phoenix aims to foster new proposals for major research projects of global impact through the Research Innovation Workshop. The workshop, co-facilitated by Andy Burnett of KnowInnovation, focuses on the themes of Water and Sanitation, Urbanisation, and Global Security, bringing together investigators from around the globe to develop innovative and transformational approaches to these global challenges.

Other thinkers and change-makers presenting and participating include: Professor Rimjhim Aggarwal, Professor Heather Worth, Dr Eka Ikpe, Dean Philip Regier, KnowInnovation’s Andy Burnett, Professor Brian Smith, Professor Heather Bimonte-Nelson, Vice Provost Stanlie James, and Professor Eileen Baldry.

Amongst the lead topics for discussion:

  • International development
  • The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: towards a participatory knowledge to action framework for implementation and evaluation
  • Amplifying the creativity of transdisciplinary teams
  • Fostering strategic initiatives and institutes
  • The science of ageing
  • Towards innovative technologies for regulation of iron, and diabetes-related metabolism
  • Sexual misconduct: comparative responses at PLuS Alliance universities

View the the PLuS Alliance Symposium agenda.

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