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PLuS Alliance Symposium, Phoenix 12- 13 November 2019

PLuS Alliance Symposium, Phoenix 12- 13 November 2019

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

The PLuS Alliance community - including its Presidents, Advisory Board, Executive and Fellows - converge on Phoenix for two days of collaboration and creativity at Arizona State University in November.

The PLuS Alliance Symposium aims to foster a culture of innovation and transdisciplinarity with a series of talks, workshops and panels, as well as a celebration of the work achieved by the PLuS Alliance since its launch in February 2016

The symposium is an opportunity to engage with colleagues across the PLuS Alliance in a variety of formats. You will have the chance to discuss research and education projects within the PLuS Alliance with colleagues, launch new ideas and learn more about existing projects. Additionally we will have two exciting keynote addresses - ASU’s Global Explorer in Residence, Astronaut Cady Colman,will speak about her months on the International Space Station while weaving together the opportunities for PLuS Alliance to be a global leader. UNSW's Veena Sahajwalla will share her innovative approach to recycling and sustainable building materials with Microfactories.

The PLuS Alliance Symposium, Phoenix is an opportunity to reach out to potential collaborators and hear about the impact/impression that the collaborations have made to date from an energy brick to a smart phone blood analyser, to looking at new ways of educating engineers to tackling the war on waste and the student Hackathon on sustainable fashion.

The PLuS Alliance Symposium, Phoenix targets new proposals for major research projects of global impact and will be hosting workshops on the burning issues of today such as governance challenges, progressing gender equity and intersectionality and getting started on a collaborative project (time differences notwithstanding!)

Amongst the lead topics for discussion:

  • The Energy Transition

  • Governance Challenges of Crises and Disasters in the 21st Century: Understanding Implications for Policy and Practice

  • Progressing the PLuS Alliance Gender Equity & Intersectionality

  • International cultural adaptation of efficacious indigenous health interventions

  • The Social Implications of Technologies

  • Mobilizing knowledge for social impact

  • Cross-Institutional Course Development: International Indigenous Health and Principles for Action:

  • Adaptive/Active Learning Initiatives @ ASU: Three Perspectives

  • Smart Futures for Refugees: What can we Co-Imagine, Co-Design, and Co-Develop?

  • Collaborate, Create & Kick-off

  • What is the Future of War? How an Alliance of Innovative Global Universities Can Improve Research and Policy

Other local events taking place both before and after the PLuS Alliance symposium that may be of interest:

Please click the link to register - .  Full details of the latest agenda click the Read More button below.