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PLuS International Interdisciplinary Researcher (PIIR) workshops

PLuS International Interdisciplinary Researcher (PIIR) workshops

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


What happens when the creativity of thirty early career PLuS Alliance researchers is unleashed to address the most pressing problems in the world today? Watch the PIIR London  workshop video made in January 2019 below and read feedback from a few of the researchers who attended the second PIIR workshop at UNSW Sydney between 25th February - 1st March. 

"I felt like I’ve been on a week-long cognitive, emotional and social adventure and I consider it a real privilege to have had that adventure at UNSW working with such a diverse and committed group of scholars from around the world.
Kate Greer – King’s

"Learning the differences and similarities between the three organizations' education and PhD programs was extremely helpful in understanding international collaboration. The Ideas Lab also helped to bring together a bunch of disparate ideas into one useful project that my whole team is excited to explore.
Leonard Bruce - Arizona State University  

"Working with colleagues from ASU and UNSW was gratifying, was remarkable – in the sense that whilst I never expected to have much in common with my group – it turned out that we had more in common that brought our research interests together in a way that we were able to come up with a coherent research question".  Sarah Njeri - King's

(Photo: Roxanne Keynejad and Poushali Ganguli)

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