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Professor Eileen Baldry UNSW Sydney - New! Podcast series

Professor Eileen Baldry UNSW Sydney - New! Podcast series

Deputy Vice Chancellor UNSW discusses tackling sexual harassment, leadership and inclusion
Thursday, January 30, 2020


An insightful 3 part series of podcasts were recorded with PLuS Alliance, Inaugural Fellow Professor Eileen Baldry Deputy Vice-Chancellor Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Professor of Criminology at UNSW Sydney, when she was invited to King’s College London to teach on the Principal's Global Leadership Award - PGLA workshop attended by forty students. 

Bisi Olulode, Communications Officer interviewed Professor Baldry about being an inaugural PLuS Alliance Fellow, white privilege, working with colleagues at King’s on sexual harassment and misconduct procedures, leadership, dealing with micro aggressions and tackling these issues at UNSW Sydney in the #MeToo era.  Sarah Guerra, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at King’s College London took part in discussions with UNSW Sydney about the different approaches to prevent sexual harassment and misconduct and dealing with the consequences.  She commented that “being part of the PLuS Alliance meant that extra resources were available, which have been incorporated into a larger body of work.  Anonymised reporting came into effect at King’s in 2018.  More work is being done to let students and staff know about this and to allay any concerns about reporting inappropriate behaviour.”

Professor Baldry also discusses what lies ahead for the PLuS Alliance, with the launch of the new engineering school TEDILondon being one of the highlights.  

You can listen to the podcast series at In conversation with Professor Eileen Baldry

Bisi Olulode, Communications Officer, PLuS Alliance