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Visible Women Campaign - Nominations Sought

Visible Women Campaign - Nominations Sought

Friday, March 03, 2023

Nominations sought for new Visible Women campaign, celebrating women across all levels of leadership

A call for nominations has been announced this week — the week of International Women’s Day — for a new campaign aiming to raise the visibility of women at all stages of leadership, not just when they reach the top. The Visible Women campaign is part of the Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways (TWLP) program, a joint initiative from the PLuS Alliance partnership which comprises Arizona State University (Phoenix), King’s College London, and UNSW Sydney. TWLP exists to dramatically shift the dial on women’s equity and to broaden pathways to leadership for women by 2030.

“While there are many amazing women to celebrate in senior leadership roles, the Visible Women campaign also aims to raise the profile of women in all phases of leadership,” says Scientia Professor Carla Treloar, with the Centre for Social Research in Health and the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW Sydney. “Seeing women across all levels of leadership is vital if we want to inspire women to follow in their footsteps and ultimately close the gender gap which is still so apparent across many sectors.”

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According to the UN’s ‘Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): The Gender Snapshot 2022’ report, it may take close to 300 years to achieve full gender equality, falling a ridiculous 293 years short of the 2030 SDG and TWLP goals.

The report states that women and girls are underrepresented in industries, academia and the broader technology sector. At the 20 largest global technology companies, women are 33 per cent of the workforce but hold only one in four leadership positions. Meanwhile, in the public sector, globally, women make up 46 per cent of the workforce but remain chronically underrepresented in leadership and some occupations.

Through storytelling and social media, the Visible Women campaign aims to inspire and educate on gender equity in the workplace by elevating female leadership stories that haven’t been heard before.

“We will also highlight the gender barriers that have been overcome, build support for existing women in leadership and contradict cultural stereotypes that challenge women’s credibility and ambition,” explains Professor Treloar. "The first step is finding the inspiring women to feature and we are hoping our universities and extended networks can help."

Nominate an inspiring woman:

Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways (TWLP) wishes to collect the stories of a range of women to elevate and celebrate; these women can be current or historical. Of particular interest are stories that include a personal connection. Nominate an inspiring woman here.


To increase visibility, women must stand up and be proud and vocal about their achievements. If you’d like to self-nominate yourself for this campaign, you can do that here. Self-nominate here.

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