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PLuS Engineering - Welcome to the class of 2019!
Monday, July 15, 2019


We are thrilled to announce the start of the PLuS Engineering Summer School at Canada Water.   

The ASU Engineering students arrived this weekend to join their fellow Summer School collaborators from King’s and UNSW.  The Summer School cohort also includes three Business School students from King’s.  The group bonding started with a meal at Pizza Express near the Royal Festival Hall yesterday.   

The students will be covering projects including the creation of a water purifying sculpture, a citizen information hub and a robotic rehabilitation assistant. 

Mona Jaffar Karballai, Masters student at King’s stated that “The networking aspect appealed to me, being able to work with people from ASU and UNSW to design part of the project (water fountain sculpture) really interests me.  I will bring research methods from my studies, finding achievable methods to approach different issues is one of the things that I have to offer.” 

Professor Judy Raper, Founding Dean, stated “I’m delighted to welcome students from our PLuS Alliance partners to join the inaugural Summer School at Canada Water. I’m sure the students will have a great experience getting to work collaboratively in a global studio and we, at TEDI will gain valuable insight into how to make the new engineering program truly student centred.” 

For further details on the summer school and the Industry showcase on 31st July contact Bisi Olulode, Communications Officer at